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the coldpod

Bev Clifford

I started taking cold showers about 5/6 years ago after hearing and reading a lot about the benefits. I then started using the cold plunge pool at the gym and last year bought a homemade ice bath for my garden but it wasn’t ideal as had to use ladders to climb in and out. Getting a The Cold Pod has changed the game. So easy to assemble, climb in and out of. They’re also easy to transport and really good value for money.

It still surprises me how good you feel after cold water exposure. Your skin, your clarity and energy levels all feel great. I felt really sleepy this morning after my daily run but five minutes in the Cold Pod before work and I felt great.

Then there’s the proven benefits like reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, and helping with chronic pain.
Why anybody wouldn’t want to be implementing cold water therapy in their routine is beyond me, and getting a Cold Pod is the perfect way to be able to get your fix wherever you are, quickly and easily.

the cold pod
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