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Cold Pod Customer Stories

Simon Dugdale

I had toyed with Wim Hof breath work and cold showers on and off for a number of years. The benefits of such were well documented and were demonstrable, however I really struggled with being able to withstand cold showers for any decent amount of time. After leaving a career that! spent over 2 decades working behind a desk, developing poor posture and feeling my bodies inflammation response, I opted to invest in an ice bath under the pretense that it must be easier to immerse oneself in cold water than to have it run over my body from a shower. I was right. It was easier to step into the Cold Pod and start to acclimatize myself to the immersion. Using the breathing techniques that i had previously learned, I was able to withstand longer than I could in the cold showers. Though I am still working on my tolerance and duration, I am seeing the benefits quickly.

I am more alert and have more energy after I use the Cold Pod should I use it early in the day. Should I use it after training, I see a more favorable response in recovery - very important for someone of my age working in a physical role as a martial arts instructor often teaching or training for several hours per day multiple times per week. Although I am not far along the journey I am using it as an experiment that will ultimately benefit me and my understanding for therapies in health and specifically sports performance.

Simon Dugdale
@Sports Therapist _In_Training

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