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100% recommend the cold pod. Excellent despatch time. Easy to set up and i love that it is portable. It came with a handy storage bag. Have used it 3 times and already feeling the benefits of the cold pod. Will be using it to aid recovery after exercise.

Jodie Todd

Reviewed by Jodie Todd on Amazon

Best purchase in a long time!

Having been a regular user of a ice bath whilst playing rugby I always fancied having my own but thought I’d lack the space to house it in my garden. So when I saw that this could be pretty much flat packed and stored away my decision was made!

As soon as the box turned up I went to set it up straight away, barely 2 minutes later I was inflated and ready to fill up with water and ice.

Brilliant features on this all round but the drainage lever is probably the best and the extender hose that easily attaches is quality the insulated cover is also brilliant and keeps the temp down between uses.

First use went well apart from I put too much water in so caused a bit of overflow, my fault thought I was perhaps a little skinnier than I actually am. I have been using regularly after the gym and golf and I find I’m recovering so much better with little to no aches and pains.

I had a holiday booked in Scotland where lots of long walks were planned so I decided to pack it up and take it along for the ride! Used every day once it was set up and even convinced my wife to get in and she loved it as well! Super portable and would 100000000% recommend!

Reviewed by Danny Russell on Amazon

Great quality

Bought the Cold Pod for recovery after long runs.
Very pleased with the quality of the product.
I’m 6.2 ft and easily fit in the cold pod. It’s bigger than I thought it would be.
Great buy. 👍

George Smith

Reviewed by George Smith on Amazon

Absolutely fantastic!

I bought the cold pod to help with recovery for my muscle injury and it’s been amazing so far! It’s a great product and the quality is very good, simple to setup and easy to use. Would definitely recommend. Fast delivery with instructions too.

Harry Finney

Reviewed by Harry Finney on Amazon

I would definitely recommend these!

Ordered my cold pod last week! I have been looking into these for a while now and I am extremely happy I took the plunge!

The delivery was superb and arrived earlier than expected! Setup only took a matter of minutes! It was very easy too setup with clear instructions.

I had to get it filled straight away and test it.

The quality of the cold pod seems too be very good and can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t last a long time!

The results of the cold water immersion seem too be pretty quick for me! Instantly feeling much better in myself and extremely alert. I am currently recovering from a leg injury and the cold pod has helped too reduce the inflammation of the affected area also which is a huge bonus for myself!

I would definitely recommend these!


Reviewed by Jake on Amazon

Love my Cold Pod

Absolutely love my cold pod ice bath. Took me 5 minutes to set up easy instructions and the pump that comes with it to blow the inflatable ring at the too which is a great addition when it comes to set up. The handy carry bag it comes in when you first get it out of the box is so small I wondered how big the actual tub would be but once I got it out and set up I quickly realised the tub is massive and can easily fit in and dunk my full body no trouble. Very happy with it and when it’s packed down in to the carry case it’s nice and compact and I can take it anywhere.

Cannot wait to keep using it and learn more about the benefits. I’ve been training hard lately and getting straight in to this after a hard run or ride helps me to feel refreshed and relaxed. Highly recommend the cold pod.

Oh and FYI the thermal cover is nice and light and easy to put on once you’re done. Give it a go you won’t be disappointed

Jamie Fox

Reviewed by Jamie Fox on Amazon

Great product, easy to assemble

Great product. Easy to assemble and quick to fill up. Excellent thermal cover. Already seeing the benefits of using this each day.

I really like that it is portable and easy to move and set up anywhere.

Jo Holton

Reviewed by Jo Holdon on Amazon

Love our new Cold Pod

Really impressed with this product! So easy and quick to set up. Really addictive and enjoying seeing the benefits to our focus and breathing. Great for sore muscles after the gym too. Material is great quality and the thermal cover is such a nice touch. Would definitely recommend!


Reviewed by Katy on Amazon

Great product! Brilliant idea.

Arrived promptly, easy to set up, step by step instructions. Doesn’t take up too much space, filled up within 10 minutes. Felt great during and after.


Reviewed by Lucy on Amazon

Unbelievable product - Great value - Benefits speak for themselves

The cold pod arrived in perfect condition no missing parts or faults.
Easy to put together and the perfect size it doesn’t overwhelm the garden and the quality of the pod is perfect and great value for money.
Myself and all my family have used it everyday, i have a son who plays rugby and a son who plays professional football and the benefits they have gained from using this pod is unbelievable for their muscle aches and pains, It has also improved my wifes back pain (which is muscular pain)
We all feel more energised throughout the day and we sleep better too. I highly recommend this Cold Pod

Mark F

Reviewed by Mark F on Amazon

Helps me stay acclimatised for cold water swimming

I have been a year round sea swimmer for the last 3 years. The Cold Pod appealed to me as due to sea conditions it is not always possible to actually safely swim. This is the perfect solution and so easy to set up, use and enjoy. The quality of the pod is excellent and I found it extremely easy to use. I absolutely recommend this product to all users and being a couple that have very high exercise output this is an awesome recovery tool. Takes up barely any room and looks amazing in the garden.


Reviewed by Sally on Amazon

A great purchase!

Fast delivery, took minutes to put together, portable and a great thermal lid… extremely happy with my purchase!

I’ve been cold water swimming in the sea for a few years now, however I sometimes struggle finding the time to make this as regular as I’d like. Having recently attended a workshop with a Wim Hof instructor, it reminded me of the amazing benefits that regular cold water submersion has for the mind and body.

Since receiving my Cold Pod I’ve used it everyday and my only regret is not getting this sooner!


Reviewed by Sarah on Amazon

Great product

Been looking at getting one for a while and so glad I did! Ordered it then went away, so couldn’t wait to get back and get it set up!

The Cold Pod is so simple and quick to put together and includes simple clear instructions. It is made of great material and is study. It didn’t take long to fill and the thermal cover is a great addition. It doesn’t take up a lot of room so great for even the smallest of spaces!

I cannot wait to use this often as there are so many health benefits to cold water therapy.

What a great product, I highly recommend The Cold Pod to everyone!!

Sarah Porter

Reviewed by Sarah Porter on Amazon

A game-changer

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a Cold Pod and I must say, it has been a game-changer for my overall well-being.

I use it twice daily, morning and eve rain, or shine. I’ve had a marked notice in stress reduction, and better sleep.

Thanks Cold Pod.

Gavin Weston

Reviewed by Gavin Weston

I'm feeling incredible

Good job cold pod 👏

I’ve been daily dunking since I got mine and I’m feeling stronger than ever 👌I’ve been wild swimming for a long time but rarely get the chance now I’m a mum! Cold pod has allowed me to bring that buzz to my back yard.

I’m doing daily ice baths at this point and feeling incredible!

Caoimhe Ní Dhonnchaidh

Reviewed by Caoimhe Ní Dhonnchaidh

Felt great afterwards

After going in every day i was getting up to 3 1/2 minutes.

Not been in for a week and It’s was a cold one today.

Could only manage 1 minute but at least I did it and felt great afterwards.

Matt Stickels

Reviewed by Matt Stickels

Like pushing a reset button

Having a cold pod makes my dipping much easier. More manageable and completely different to sea dips.

It Relieves tension and my anxiety and is like pushing a reset button.

I love my cold pod!

#liveoutsideyourcomfortzone #stayuncomfortable

Colin Jarvis

Reviewed by Colin Jarvis

My world changed

So after seeing the cold pod on Instagram I was intrigued about the benefits as I train regularly and batter my body.

I tried a few cold baths to start with then my world changed when my partner got me the cold pod, Once you brave and breath through the first min just relax and let the magic happen.

Feel so much better and the recovery time seems so much quicker. Yes it’s cold but it’s so invigorating and worth every moment sat in there. Biggest tip I can give is get straight in, 💪🏻

Tommy MEadows

Reviewed by Tommy Meadows

Really good value for money

I started taking cold showers about 5/6 years ago after hearing and reading a lot about the benefits. I then started using the cold plunge pool at the gym and last year bought a homemade ice bath for my garden but it wasn’t ideal as had to use ladders to climb in and out. Getting a The Cold Pod has changed the game. So easy to assemble, climb in and out of. They’re also easy to transport and really good value for money.

It still surprises me how good you feel after cold water exposure. Your skin, your clarity and energy levels all feel great. I felt really sleepy this morning after my daily run but five minutes in the Cold Pod before work and I felt great.

Then there’s the proven benefits like reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, and helping with chronic pain.
Why anybody wouldn’t want to be implementing cold water therapy in their routine is beyond me, and getting a Cold Pod is the perfect way to be able to get your fix wherever you are, quickly and easily.

Bev Clifford

Reviewed by Bev Clifford

A great addition to my routine

I have been open water swimming all year round for 2 years now and I can already see the cold pod being a great addition to my routine. It makes getting the cold water exposure in winter soooo much easier. I love the 15 minutes in the morning in the garden listening nothing but the birds and focusing on my breath.

Thank you to the Cold Pod team and to @xcarlydaviesx 💖

Natasha Halliwell

Reviewed by Natasha Halliwell

I definitely recommend the Cold Pod

My names Andy. I’ve been doing the Wim Hof Method and getting in the sea every Sunday for 4 years now. We have a great group of people that meet up regularly, I’ve made good friends through doing this. Having a Cold Pod at home makes it so much easier to get a cold water dip in more regularly. I have done cold showers and ice baths in my bath but it’s not as good as my Pod. I do ice baths to recover from training and I really notice the difference in speed of recovery. When ever I climb a mountain I try to get a dip in at the bottom. Whether that is a wild dip or in the The Cold Pod.

My training is quite intense as I like an adventure holiday. I have climbed Kilimanjaro, Everest base camp, and the Inca trail. I never know what my next adventure will be so I always try to be as fit as possible. I have also been to Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Zambia, Kenya Uganda Rwanda and Indonesia. I have climbed a few mountains in the UK to. The other reason and massive benefit of cold water dips is mental health. When your in cold water your body switches to survival mode. The mind stops worrying about all the modern day stresses and you are fully in the moment. I have felt this myself and I have seen it in friends.

I definitely recommend the Cold Pod.

Andy Stroud

Reviewed by Andy Stroud

I have more energy

I had toyed with Wim Hof breath work and cold showers on and off for a number of years. The benefits of such were well documented and were demonstrable, however I really struggled with being able to withstand cold showers for any decent amount of time. After leaving a career that! spent over 2 decades working behind a desk, developing poor posture and feeling my bodies inflammation response.

I opted to invest in an ice bath under the pretence that it must be easier to immerse oneself in cold water than to have it run over my body from a shower. I was right. It was easier to step into the Cold Pod and start to acclimatise myself to the immersion. Using the breathing techniques that i had previously learned, I was able to withstand longer than I could in the cold showers. Though I am still working on my tolerance and duration, I am seeing the benefits quickly.

I am more alert and have more energy after I use the Cold Pod should I use it early in the day. Should I use it after training, I see a more favourable response in recovery – very important for someone of my age working in a physical role as a martial arts instructor often teaching or training for several hours per day multiple times per week. Although I am not far along the journey I am using it as an experiment that will ultimately benefit me and my understanding for therapies in health and specifically sports performance.

Simon Dugdale

Reviewed by Simon Dugdale

You will never look back

Meeting Chris at Cold pod started my appreciation of Wim Hoff and his unique breathing techniques and use of cold water as an aid for physical and mental health.

Over the past two years, this has genuinely changed my life for the better. The camaraderie from like-minded people and the routine of regular daily or weekly ”dips”, have allowed me to control physical pain and provided an outlet for stress and anxiety. Weekly early-morning beach visits (regardless of the weather) have been a lifesaver. It has given me a reset button that allowed me to handle daily challenges. The addition of my own Cold Pod means I can now increase the regularity of dips and fit it in around my work and family. I have a list of friends and family who want to come and try it.

To anyone considering this, don’t hesitate, just do it. It might feel strange at first, but you will never look back.”

James Gibbs

Reviewed by James Gibbs

You will never look back

Meeting Chris at Cold pod started my appreciation of Wim Hoff and his unique breathing techniques and use of cold water as an aid for physical and mental health.

Over the past two years, this has genuinely changed my life for the better. The camaraderie from like-minded people and the routine of regular daily or weekly ”dips”, have allowed me to control physical pain and provided an outlet for stress and anxiety. Weekly early-morning beach visits (regardless of the weather) have been a lifesaver. It has given me a reset button that allowed me to handle daily challenges. The addition of my own Cold Pod means I can now increase the regularity of dips and fit it in around my work and family. I have a list of friends and family who want to come and try it.

To anyone considering this, don’t hesitate, just do it. It might feel strange at first, but you will never look back.”

James Gibbs

Reviewed by David Gibbs

Highly recommend!

Last year I bought a cold pod for my son he’s 28 and a keen footballer and I loved this could help, but it does so much more, so I decided to buy myself one, I’ve been cold water swimming a few times, and loved the benifits to my mental and physical health, but I can’t always get to the sea, so investing in a pod was a fab idea, it was such a speedy service with great communication from start to finish, it took less than 15 mins to pop together and the booklet really guides you step by step.

It’s sturdy and has legs, along with a secure lid. I filled the pod and added Magnesium salts for extra holistic benifits
I checked the temp and set a timer for my first go, I used a breathing technique to get my mind and body in the zone, I lasted just under a minute and will build on this over time.

I felt proud and amazing the dopemine hit is real, especially as I’m ADHD this is really helping with my fatigue.

I highly recommend the cold pod, and will continue to improve my health mentally and physically

Reviewed by Kat Massey

Amazing product!

I’m emailing in after seeing your post on Instagram about wanting to hear from the Cold Pod community.

My name is Jason and I’m 35 years old. Over the last 15 years or so I struggled with my mental health. This was masked with alcohol and pretending everything was fine. About 9 months ago I decided was going to go sober and tackle my depression and anxiety head on. At first I found that cutting out thr booze was really helping but after a couple of months I found myself starting to slip into depression episodes again. A friend of mine sent an article about the benefits of cold water and mental health. This got me to start trying cold showers and wanting to try cold swimming. I live in a city so I don’t have easy access to the sea or lake/river to just go for a swim.

A few weeks go by and I started seeing ads for your Cold Pods pop up on Instagram. Your product looked so similar and small enough to fit in my little city garden. I purchased one and it’s been a massive help to my sobriety and mental health. I use it most mornings and it just gives me the help I need to face each day. I’m finding it’s keeping the depression episodes away, or if I feel like I’m starting to slip into one. I’m making sure I’m cold dipping each day.

I couldn’t recommend your product enough to other people, especially to try and help their own mental health.

Many thanks!

Reviewed by Jason Stansbury

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Portugal£23.55 £27.25 £28.81 £30.35 £33.56
Puerto Rico£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
Qatar£38.23 £52.74 £66.42 £81.31 £93.43
Reunion Island£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Romania£23.55 £28.34 £30.98 £33.62 £37.23
Rwanda£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Saipan£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Samoa, West£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
San Marino£23.55 £27.25 £28.81 £30.35 £33.56
Saudi Arabia£38.23 £52.74 £66.42 £81.31 £93.43
Senegal£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Serbia£47.19 £54.88 £59.56 £64.22 £71.74
Seychelles£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Singapore£35.00 £46.93 £57.90 £71.05 £82.36
Slovak Republic£23.55 £28.34 £30.98 £33.62 £37.23
Slovenia£23.55 £28.34 £30.98 £33.62 £37.23
South Africa£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
Spain£23.55 £27.25 £28.81 £30.35 £33.56
Sri Lanka£38.23 £52.74 £66.42 £81.31 £93.43
St. Kitts & Nevis£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
St. Lucia£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
St. Maarten (NL)£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
St. Martin (FR)£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
St. Vincent£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
Suriname£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
Swaziland£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Sweden£23.55 £27.25 £28.81 £30.35 £33.56
Switzerland£40.42 £49.06 £53.73 £58.38 £65.47
Taiwan£42.18 £57.90 £72.51 £73.60 £109.34
Tanzania£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Thailand£42.18 £57.90 £72.51 £73.60 £109.34
Togo£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Tonga£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Trinidad & Tobago£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
Tunisia£38.23 £52.74 £66.42 £81.31 £93.43
Turkey£47.19 £54.88 £59.56 £64.22 £71.74
Turks & Caicos Islands£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
Uganda£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
United Arab Emirates£38.23 £52.74 £66.42 £81.31 £93.43
United States of America£30.10 £45.00 £68.42 £93.47 £118.10
Uruguay£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
Uzbekistan£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Vanuatu£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Vatican City£23.55 £27.25 £28.81 £30.35 £33.56
Venezuela£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
Vietnam£42.18 £57.90 £72.51 £73.60 £109.34
Virgin Islands (GB)£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
Virgin Islands (USA)£57.93 £103.31 £132.93 £165.30 £192.49
Wallis & Futuna£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Zambia£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25
Zimbabwe£55.60 £76.71 £100.33 £126.25 £149.25